PAM 217 available again

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Much like the revered PAM 127, the PAM 217 has garnered significant popularity, representing classic Panerai watches that retain some features reminiscent of older PAM models. Both the PAM 127 and PAM 217 were previously discontinued in production, but they have made a comeback. The current production of PAM 127 and 217 is undertaken by the XF factory. In the past, several watch factories crafted PAM 127 replicas, including ZF, XF, and Noob. However, PAM 217 was exclusively produced by Noob until its discontinuation, and for years, it remained unavailable. The recent development of XF producing the PAM 217 is excellent news for watch enthusiasts seeking a left-handed PAM model.

The PAM 217 boasts two distinctive features that set it apart. Its most prominent feature is the left-sided crown bridge, making it particularly suitable for individuals who prefer wearing the watch on their right hand. Another iconic characteristic is its domed bubble crystal face, a genuine sapphire crystal feature shared with the PAM 127.

As a sizable Panerai timepiece, the PAM 217 measures 47mm in case diameter, aligning with the dimensions typical of many Replica Panerai Submersible watches. Notably, the watch exhibits considerable thickness, reaching 17.5mm. This substantial thickness may be attributed to its movement, surpassing the thickness of most Panerai Submersible replicas manufactured by the VS factory.

The black dial is protected by a domed sapphire crystal, and the entire dial employs a sandwiched structure. Positioned at 3 o’clock, the small seconds subdial adds a functional touch. The hour markers, featuring skeletonized design, are complemented by the classic presence of large Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12. In low-light conditions, the hands and hollow hour markers emit a vibrant green lume, providing excellent visibility.

The see-through crystal back offers a glimpse into the intricate beauty of the finest manual-winding 6497 movement. The movement is meticulously decorated, enhancing the overall appeal of the watch.

Moreover, the XF replica PAM 217 comes with a black leather strap. If you desire to switch to a different pair of straps, the process is effortlessly manageable. Many individuals opt for Panerai watches not only for their inherent qualities but also for the enjoyable experience of customizing and changing the bands to suit different styles.

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