GR Factory Replica Patek Philippe 5396 Moon Phase Watch

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I am enamored with this watch; its captivating color and intricate functions have deeply appealed to me. Crafted by the GR factory, it’s worth noting that the Z factory also produces this watch, both maintaining an equal level of quality. Distinguishing between the two is challenging, as GR, known for its swift production and more affordable pricing than Z, consistently releases replicas of certain Patek Philippe complications models.

While the Nautilus and Aquanaut may dominate the market, there’s a compelling allure to adding a simple Patek Calatrava, such as the 5296, or a more complex model like the 5205, to one’s collection. Previously, I showcased a rose gold 5296 Patek from the Calatrava series, crafted by Z Factory, exuding a classic aesthetic. The Patek Philippe replica I’m introducing today, the 5396, shares a similar reference and complicated functions but is the creation of the GR factory. Beyond rose gold, stainless steel options are available, but I’ve chosen to showcase the rose gold variant for its enhanced beauty, especially when paired with the luxurious brown alligator leather band.

GR factory has a track record of producing intricate Patek replicas, with the previously reviewed 5205R Moon Phase being a testament to their quality. The classic Calatrava-style case, with its rose gold tone and impeccable polishing, sets the stage for a visually stunning timepiece. The hour markers and hands on the dial mirror the rose gold tone of the case, a hallmark of well-crafted super clone watches. Notably, the back of each lug features subtle engravings, a detail often overlooked by replicas of lesser quality. The case measures 38.5mm in diameter and has a 12mm thickness, contradicting an error on a popular watch retailer’s website, highlighting the importance of accurate information dissemination in the industry.

The watch’s functions are impressive, genuine, and can be adjusted through the crown and buttons on the case. The moon phase indicator, with its sandblasted finish, mimics the genuine watch, rotating once per month, and is adjustable through the button at 5 o’clock. The inclusion of a monthly moon phase indicator adds a surprising touch. The week and month are displayed in separate windows at 12 o’clock, adjustable by buttons at 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock. The crystal back allows a view of the intricate machinery with correct engravings on the plates and auto rotor. Both Z Factory and GR Factory utilize the Miyota 9015 as the base movement in this replica.

In the realm of watches with complications, I find the golden model particularly appealing. The calf leather band, with an embossed crocodile print, adds to the overall allure. For those seeking a more high-end genuine alligator leather band, custom options are available in the market, with competitive pricing.

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