New Rolex Watches Replicas Famous in U.K.

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Facing the competition from the VS factory, I think Clean has already felt the pressure, otherwise they would not have released these three new Oyster Perpetual watches this time. Just a month or two ago, VS released several Oyster Perpetual 41mm models. There are also several replicas. A few days ago, VS released some 36mm Oyster Perpetual watches. VS factory has been expanding the Rolex market in recent years, and Clean factory is also paying attention to this. Now I think Clean needs to take some measures, because VSF Datejust The sales volume is a big threat. Now I think Clean Factory’s only advantage is their Daytona. Once VS starts producing Daytona, then VS will completely occupy the Rolex market. Maybe you will say that Clean also has a GMT-Master II with Dandong 3285 movement. However, due to the shortage of Dandong 3285 movement, Clean’s GMT-Master II has been out of stock and it usually takes a long time to buy it. A customer ordered a GMT-Master II Sprite from them and he waited almost a month for it to be shipped.

Today, I will show you seven new copies that Clean Factory has just released. Please look at the pictures below. One is a Daytona with a blue dial, and the other is a YachtMaster with an eagle eye dial. The emergence of three Oyster Perpetual 36mm replica watches is, I think, just a response to the actions of the VS factory in the Rolex field. There are many Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica factories, including EW, GM, BP, and VS. I recommend EW and VS. In fact, I suggest you buy EW. First, the quality is okay, second, the price is not high, and third, EW Oyster Perpetual’s movement also has a power reserve of over two days. Oyster Perpetual produced by VS factory, the movement is Dandong 3235, the engraving on the movement plate is incorrect. These three Oyster Perpetual watches from Clean use clone 3230 movements. I think the quality is not bad. I don’t know their prices at the moment. As for the Tiffany blue plate version, I actually only recommend the EW factory version. Many watch fans on the forum say that the EW factory version is the best.

Regarding the two Explorer 1s, one is 36mm and the other is 39mm. The 36mm Explorer 1 is the latest model released by Rolex. The one with the small crown logo at 6 o’clock on the dial is the 36mm Explorer 1. Only EW and GM have made this 36mm Explorer 1 replica before, and now Clean is also involved. I think the best one in the future will still be Clean, because the GM version has very thick lugs, and EW only focuses on producing medium quality. replica.

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