Noob Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LN Two Tone Wrapped Gold Watch Review

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The inaugural Rolex Submariner made its debut in 1954 and has since gained iconic status, making notable appearances in various James Bond 007 films. Renowned not only in cinematic circles but also among celebrated athletes, a tennis player sported a Rolex watch at the Australian Open Tennis Championships, catapulting that particular Rolex model into global popularity. In 2009, Rolex unveiled an updated version of the 16613LN at Basel. Although the alterations may seem subtle compared to its predecessor, significant changes have been made in the finer details.

Today, I’d like to introduce a high-quality replica of the Rolex Submariner. The Noob factory offers two editions of the 116613LN: one with 18K wrapped gold and the other with gold-plating. Undoubtedly, the wrapped gold Rolex surpasses its gold-plated counterpart, as it boasts a fourfold increase in gold percentage, ensuring a steadfast color that stands the test of time. However, this superior quality comes at a higher price point.

One of the upgrade of the new Submariner 116613LN is the bezel, adopting the “Cerachrom” bezel which is made of ceramic. Compare the old edition, the new material is harder and bezel color is not easy to be scratched. Besides, the golden markers on the black bezel are also gold-cladding, the gold color matching black perfectly. Another outstanding point of Rolex Submariner watch is the easy-to-read dial, the new version has bigger markers and hands. The edge of markers and hands are gold-cladding, matching the bezel well. What’s more, they are super luminous, reading the time in a dark environment is not a problem. This model’s function is including hour, minute, second and date. It adopts a Swiss made 2836 movement will ensure these functions working well. There are characters in white on the black dial to indicate the model and other information, this is just as per original. New editions keeps its original 40mm size, and this size has wide costume group. The case material is solid 316L stainless steel, being great with the gold color. Replica Submariner 116613LN has longer lugs and bigger crown bridge, so this feels it has a bigger case. The bracelet is also made of solid 316L stainless steel and gold-cladding, matching the case perfectly. It’s front cover is made of sapphire crystal and there is water-drop enlarged at 3:00 position for the date indicator. The waterproof is 100 meter that allow for swimming.

The Rolex Submariner replica is available in two editions: a standard version and the latest V6S edition. The primary distinction lies in the presence of a laser Anti-counterfeiting Rolex logo positioned at 6:00 on the front case, mirroring the authenticity of the original model. This logo requires a magnifier or must be viewed at a 45-degree angle under light for optimal visibility. In contrast, the regular edition features a painted crown logo that is easily discernible. The package accompanying the replica is an exact replica of the original Rolex packaging, exuding sophistication and high-class elegance.

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