One of the best-selling AP replicas

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Is it like a rock? This large watch is one of the best-selling AP replicas. I think few people can handle such a big watch. Maybe you should consider buying one; it’s a good self-defense tool, better than knives or other sharp objects. When I received this watch, I could feel its weight—much heavier than most other full stainless steel watches. Wearing it on my thin wrist felt like tying a stone to my hand.

This replica is made by the J12 factory, often referred to as JF. I have mentioned more than once in my posts that each factory has its star products. For example, Noob is known for the Submariner and Daytona, while V6 excels with the Ballon Bleu and Hublot. If you want an AP replica, especially an AP ROO replica with Secs@12, J12 factory is the go-to. This is a fact. If you bought a Hublot Big Bang replica from any factory other than V6, it likely has many issues and won’t last long. So, if you want the best Submariner and Daytona, Noob is the only choice; for this AP ROO replica, J12 is the only option.

Regarding the finish of this AP, it’s a perfect ten. No other factory can compare with J12 when it comes to the finish of an AP replica watch. The finish on the case and bezel is top-level. You can only appreciate it once you have one; it’s really good. The case of the AP has many edges and corners, making it hard to replicate, but J12 factory does an excellent job. I think the case of this AP could even be interchanged with that of the genuine watch. The bezel is made of real black ceramic and is brushed. The black ceramic bezel perfectly matches the rose gold tone of the case.

Regarding the movement, it’s a clone 3126 movement, modified from a Chinese chronograph movement. The decoration on the movement plates and the auto rotor looks beautiful and is very close to the genuine AP 3126. However, there is one problem with this movement: its self-winding efficiency is not high, meaning you need to wind the watch every day, maybe more than once a day, to keep accurate time. Also, do not use the chronograph function too frequently, as it can cause movement issues.

Overall, this rose gold AP is a good replica. You can wear it out to meet your friends, and they will think it’s real. However, I do not recommend buying it unless you are an AP fan. The watch is too expensive. With that money, you could buy a good quality Royal Oak 15400 or 15500 from ZF and still have money left over.x

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