New Pilot Watch IW3777 with Green Dial From ZF

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Presently, the weather has turned exceedingly hot, making it uncomfortable to wear a mask. However, the necessity of wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain good health persists. This practice may continue for several weeks or even months, with the hope that the virus will soon come to an end. Unfortunately, there are reports suggesting a potential resurgence of the virus in winter, which is concerning given the significant loss of lives already. The urgency for a cure is paramount.

The impact of the virus extends beyond health concerns. Job losses, particularly in the United States, have dealt a severe blow to the economy, causing a ripple effect on the global economy. In the realm of my watch business, there has been a noticeable downturn. The number of watch orders has decreased, and shipping speeds have slowed down. Previously, clients could expect to receive their watches within 7 business days after placing an order. However, the current shipping duration has extended to about 10 or 15 business days, or even longer. Many clients are finding it challenging to accept such prolonged shipping times, leading to a situation where individuals interested in replica watches are now considering waiting until the virus situation improves.

Despite the persisting challenges of the virus abroad, China has effectively maintained control over the situation for several months. In a positive development, Chinese factories are not only adeptly managing the ongoing situation but also actively releasing new models and accepting orders. I find myself fortunate to be in China, where the government has dedicated efforts to create a conducive environment for its citizens. Despite the global challenges posed by the virus, our business operations continue to run smoothly.

Shifting our focus to the recently unveiled IWC by ZF, this stainless steel Pilot watch boasts a distinctive green face paired with a brown leather strap. The choice of green as a dial color is relatively uncommon in IWC watches, yet it complements this model exceptionally well. The green hue is subdued, avoiding excessive shininess and leaning towards a slightly dark tone. While many individuals might lean towards a black model when considering an IWC Pilot, the distinctiveness of this green variant adds an appealing touch that is certainly worth exploring.

The case of this watch boasts a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 15mm. While it may be slightly large for my wrist, I find it convenient to punch holes in the leather strap to achieve a better fit. Opting for a ZF replica watch, particularly their IWC replicas, proves to be a wise decision. In our market, ZF stands out for producing top-quality IWC replicas, and I have clients who have purchased these watches without any complaints.

The crystal used in the replica is made of sapphire and features a blue anti-reflection coating on both sides. This coating contributes to a remarkable level of transparency, giving the impression that the crystal is nearly nonexistent when checking the time from the dial. The high transparency adds to the overall appeal of the watch.

At present, ZF does not provide a stainless steel bracelet option for this watch; however, they do offer it exclusively with a leather band. If you have a preference for additional leather straps in different colors, such as green or black, please inform me, and I can assist in arranging those for you. Thank you for dedicating time to read my reviews.

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