New Portuguese 7 Days model from YL factory

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Presently, the realm of IWC Portuguese imitation timepieces is primarily dominated by two manufacturers: ZF and YLF. While both excel in crafting high-quality replicas of the Portuguese IWC series, I consistently steer my clients towards the ZF iteration. Although the disparities between ZF and YLF versions of the Portuguese 7 Days model are nuanced, I lean towards ZF because my clients have purchased them with minimal issues reported. Admittedly, I possess limited knowledge about YLF, but it’s worth noting that the most recent rendition of the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve is designated as V5.

Presently, the images of the red Portuguese 7 Days model are sourced from YL factory, marking the latest addition to the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve assortment. As of now, ZF has not introduced their rendition of this red Portuguese variant. Hence, if you’re inclined towards purchasing this particular red IWC at a more economical price point, you can opt for the YL factory version. However, I recommend exercising patience until ZF releases their iteration, which shouldn’t be too long of a wait. In terms of value, ZF’s Portuguese models are superior in craftsmanship compared to those of YLF, making them a more worthwhile investment.

The introduction of this new red color variant expands the range of dial options available for the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve, which already includes black, white, green, blue, and grey. Additionally, the case material can be either stainless steel or a golden tone. Moreover, the factory offers the flexibility to replace the originally installed leather strap with another pair in a different color if desired. In comparison with YLF, ZF may offer a broader array of options for the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve. Here, I’ve included some photos showcasing ZF’s Portuguese 7 Days models. If any of them catch your eye, feel free to reach out to me.

I believe it’s unnecessary to delve into discussions about the movement, case finishing, and band stitching of this replica watch. However, I understand that many of you are particularly interested in the power reserve function. The small hands on the subdial at 3 o’clock function just like those on a genuine watch. While it’s true that the power reserve capacity of this replica watch may not reach the full seven days, if worn regularly on your wrist, it can operate normally for at least three days. This level of performance is generally acceptable for most of us.

Finally, I’d like to provide some stock updates on some highly sought-after models in our market. Firstly, both versions of the ZZF Submariner 116610LN, whether equipped with the A2836 or A3135 movement, are currently out of stock. Similarly, the ZZF Submariner Hulk 116610LV with the A3135 movement is also unavailable. The popularity of the ZZF Submariner 116610LN and 116610LV in recent months has prompted the Noob factory to reduce prices on their V10 Submariner. Consequently, ZZF’s own Submariner products have sold out. It’s uncertain how long the wait will be, so if you’re seeking the best Submariner replica, it might be advisable to place pre-orders now.

Secondly, in one of my previous posts, I highlighted the PAM 127 as one of the best-selling replica Panerai watches. Noob, ZF, and XF have all manufactured this watch in the past. Unfortunately, they are all currently out of stock, and it’s unclear whether they will be produced again. This news is certainly disappointing for enthusiasts.

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