ZF V2 Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712r Moon Phase

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The replica watch market buzzes with controversy surrounding the Nautilus 5712, sparking diverse opinions on its worthiness as a purchase. Several aspects merit discussion, reflecting the intricacies of this timepiece. Years ago, ZF debuted the initial replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712, crafted from stainless steel and sporting a blue dial. However, this iteration featured a faux power reserve. Subsequently, ZF released an updated version, labeled the V2 edition, equipped with a superior clone 240 movement boasting a genuine power reserve. Despite its enhancements, ZF priced the V2 edition at a premium.

Regarding the rose gold Nautilus 5712r, ZF initially introduced the V1 edition in September. However, just this week, ZF rolled out the upgraded V2 edition, enhancing its replication quality. Nevertheless, I personally perceive this rose gold 5712r as falling short of super clone status. While the stainless steel Nautilus 5712 with a blue dial earns that distinction, the rose gold variant exhibits significant disparities when juxtaposed with its genuine counterpart.

Upon perusing the official Patek Philippe website, I observed the rose gold Nautilus 5712r. Notably, the genuine watch features a brown dial perfectly complementing its rose gold hue. Conversely, the replica’s dial appears more gray than brown, a conspicuous distinction easily discernible when compared among friends. Furthermore, a significant variance manifests in the clasp structure, diverging from that of the authentic model. Lastly, the engravings on the movement plate lack the three-dimensional depth evident in the genuine article. These three conspicuous disparities dissuade me from recommending the purchase of this replica at present.

While the replica watch boasts notable features such as its super clone 240 movement, accurate case shape with comparable thickness, and genuine-like functionalities, one glaring flaw remains: the incorrect dial color. Without addressing this issue promptly, prospective buyers may shy away from purchasing this timepiece. Fortunately, many dealers in our market offer customized solutions for such replicas. Some have undertaken modifications on the rose gold 5712r, replacing its imperfect dial or bezel with genuine parts. For instance, the example I’m presenting below showcases a replica 5712r featuring SW’s dial and hands, along with VVS’s moon phase. Both SW and VVS are reputable factories producing watch components in our market. Moreover, this modified replica employs solid rose gold, albeit at a premium cost.

Interestingly, despite the release of the V2 edition, ZF continues to offer the V1 edition of the 5712r. Distinguishing between the two is straightforward: examine the position of the movement rotor. In the V2, it resides at 9 o’clock, positioned opposite the crown.

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